Final Fantasy Brave Exvious Revie - Awesome

I rarely ever play games on my phone. I am almost always on my console or on my PC playing some of the biggest games of the year. But lately, I find myself playing a ton of Final Fantasy Brave Exvious. I cannot tell you what it is about the game that is just drawing all of my attention, but I can't stop myself. For those of you that don't know Final Fantasy Brave Exvious is a game that has a full story with turn based battles through. There is not really a world to explore although they do put in many levels that you can actually walk through. The majority of the game is spent doing 4 or 5 missions on every piece of the map. Each mission is really just a fight and normally linked to a cut scene.

Other than the standard story, where Final Fantasy Brave Exvious truly shines is in its party system. The game allows you to summon characters from the Final Fantasy world to fight beside you. Much of this is a random scenario. This is where the game ends up making its money. The game has a its own meta. That means there are many summons that are not going to be worth your while. You are constantly going to be trying to get those units that work the best at their role. It can be frustrating, but it definitely keeps you coming back.

Again, I play a lot of awesome games but they normally are not on the phone. This is one of those rare occasions that is filling my void for a gear grinding game. I am constantly looking to find the next best piece of gear and the next character to help my team out. I find it very fulfilling. And the updates come out weekly. Normally every other week comes a new piece of gear that is brand new to the game and has an event with all new fights to go through. They even release trials that come out with the biggest and best bosses. The fights actually take strategy unless you have spent a large amount of cash to really whale on summons and find yourself with the absolute best party members.

The last thing that I will say is that the community on the internet for this game is simply amazing for a phone based game. The data that exists for each character helping you decide who you want to play or even the friends that you want is amazing. Generally the wiki will be updated within a day of a new unit being released. They are most of the time great units and you will probably find a use for the new characters without thinking too hard.
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